First, install laravel, and make sure that the database connection settings are correct.

composer require open-admin-org/open-admin

Then run these commands to publish assets and config:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="OpenAdmin\Admin\AdminServiceProvider"

After run command you can find config file in config/admin.php, in this file you can change the install directory,db connection or table names.

At last run following command to finish install.

php artisan admin:install

Open http://your-host/admin/ in browser,use username admin and password admin to login.

Generated files

After the installation is complete, the following files are generated in the project directory:

Configuration file

After the installation is complete,all configurations are in the config/admin.php file.

Admin files

After install,you can find directoryapp/Admin,and then most of our develop work is under this directory.

├── Controllers
│   ├── ExampleController.php
│   └── HomeController.php
├── bootstrap.php
└── routes.php

app/Admin/routes.php is used to define routes.

app/Admin/bootstrap.php is bootstrapper for Open-Admin, more usages see comments inside it.

The app/Admin/Controllers directory is used to store all the controllers, The HomeController.php file under this directory is used to handle home request of admin,The ExampleController.php file is a controller example.

Static assets

The front-end static files are in the /public/packages/admin directory.