Column filter

This feature sets a filter for the corresponding column in the header, which makes it easier to perform data table filtering based on this column.


There are three types of filters:

String comparison query


The above call can add a input type filter to the header of the code column. Click the filter icon to expand the filter. After the query is submitted, the equal query will be executed for this column.

If you need a like query:



If the field is a time, date related field, you can use the following method

// uses flatPickr

// time uses inputMask


Multiple select query

Suppose you need to filter one or more status data in the table data through the status field. It is very convenient to use Multiple select query.

    0 => 'Unknown',
    1 => 'Ordered',
    2 => 'Paid',
    3 => 'Cancelled',


Range query

Suppose you need to filter out data in a price range by using the price field.



Or filtering of time and date range

$grid->column('date')->filter('range', 'date');

$grid->column('time')->filter('range', 'time');

$grid->column('datetime')->filter('range', 'datetime');